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Why Here?




Why should you spend your advertising $$ for a listing on HarrisburgWebsites.com?

Harrisburg Websites is making a marketing statement. Starting at $15 a month, a listing on Harrisburg Websites does two things:

  • First, we expose your business to an average of over 17,000 filtered-focused website visitors** each month. 

  • Secondly, we are a great back-link, helping to better-position your site through link popularity. If you would like a further explanation of this, please call us.

**What are filtered-focused visitors? We target specific geographic terms to develop our traffic volume to minimize "junk" traffic. For example, if you sell automotive tires, locally and retail, a search-engine listing for "tires" would generate a lot of junk traffic, where as a search engine listing for "Harrisburg automotive tires" would yield a lower volume, but would be focused-filtered traffic.

Are customers looking for you online?

With so many websites, how do they find you? 

Hello, I am Brian Jacobeen, president of Harrisburg Websites. I would like to introduce you to some of the unique services we offer. From the name, "Harrisburg Websites," you probably guessed what we’re all about. In fact, we do design, host, and manage websites for many local companies with more signing on each month.

We have also been working on a local internet / website problem: There are thousands of local companies with websites, but how do people find them? If you have a website, you know the issue. How can you find filtered-focused traffic looking for local goods and services?

Our solution is a local community website, with the main focus on being a “local directory.” In 2000, we started working on our community website: www.HarrisburgWebsites.com

Frankly, other companies attempting similar projects have come in strong and fizzled out quickly. We have steadily built our site and our site's search-engine rankings. Now we have on average over 17,0000 filtered-focused visitors each month (40,000 page views and 110,000 hits a month) and we are still growing! We want your business to be a part of this growing “local directory” too!

The offer: Business listings on HarrisburgWebsites.com start at $15/mo (Credit Card).  

 To list your business, click the link below:

or call Brian at Text to 717-979-9736!

P.S. If you need a website designed or redesigned, we will be glad to meet with you for a free consultation and to provide a detailed quote. References and testimonials are available.

“Website designs tailored to the needs of your business”
Thank you for taking the time to consider our services.

Brian Jacobeen – President 
Harrisburg Websites
Text to 717-979-9736



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